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Film show & lecture at the Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre

We are giving a film show & lecture at the Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre in Fulham, London.
John Rendall & Derek Cattani are delighted to announce that they will be giving a film show & lecture
at the Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre, Fulham, London on 20th of September 2016 in support of this wonderful Charity.

Tickets are fast selling out so be quick; hope to see you there!

10th August is World Lion Day!

10th August is World Lion Day!

Green & Stone the art shop/Gallery at 259 Kings Road Chelsea London is celebrating this memorable day with a window display of Christian The Lion.

Both author John Rendall, owner of Christian and Christians personal photographer Derek Cattani  will be in attendance during the early part of the day to chat about their experiences, so do come along.

IMG_4253 (Large)

Genevieve – Toronto, Canada

The print is a present for my awesome Mom.
We both “fell in love” with Christian’s story.
Like many, we saw the YouTube video and we just kept wondering what happened to Christian beyond that video.
So we searched a little further…how John and Ace got in touch with George Adamson…how they went to Africa one last time to see Christian…
We were amazed by John and Ace’s dedication to bring him back into the wild, where he belonged.
My Mom and Dad have just been to Africa (Kenya) and my Mom thought of Christian all along.
We will never know what happened to Christian in the end, but we know that thanks to John, Ace and George Adamson, he was where he was meant to be!

Easter Prints at Green and Stone


This Easter Holidays, why not treat your family to some fantastic, timeless art that will last their lifetime.

We all know that on Easter, Chocolate Eggs rule the roost. Especially for your kids.
Well, they do for at least 5 minutes until they’re all gone and we’re all sitting around with sore bellies for the rest of the day.

This Easter, why not take a different approach and buy a piece of truly fantastic art from the timeless Christian The Lion Prints collection. We’re not saying cut out the chocolate completely, we know we couldn’t, but just add to that with a fantastic print and some beautiful history.

Christian the Lion with Easter Chicks

A great talking point, the story of Christian The Lion is wonderfully educational and a fantastic way to get kids more interested in nature. What kid wouldn’t want a Lion as a pet?
Remind them that they’re directly helping those lions in Africa too, as every print purchased supports the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust and the fantastic work they are doing in Kora, Northern Kenya.


Visit Green and Stone at 259 Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3

You just can’t go wrong with the fantastic story of Christian The Lion at Easter.

Check out the GAWPT website here – George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust

Host of videos on YouTube Here – Christian The Lion on YouTube



Wildlife Conservationist John Rendall and Rula Lenska combined forces to host a film and talk on Africa’s disappearing lions.


Packed into London’s Ivy Club in Covent Garden, were supporters and guests, intent on listening to the worrying statistics of lions in the wild.  The evening began with the famous YouTube clip of John’s reunion with his lion Christian, when the lion he raised in London with Ace Bourke in the late 60’s, emotionally greeted them after living for a year in the wild in Kenya.  Christian was being rehabilitated by George Adamson who, with his wife Joy, had rehabilitated their lioness Elsa of ‘Born Free’ fame.

Christian’s rehabilitation was a success, but today lions and all wildlife is under increasing threat and the 75 guests were shocked by the facts that Rula and John revealed.  In the last 40 years wildlife numbers have halved.  When John and Ace took Christian to Kenya there were over 400,000 lions in Africa. Today there are less than 15,000.  This staggering fact was reinforced by one of the guests, Dr Pieter Kat who is the co-founder of LionAid, a charity which lobbies MPs and the European Parliament to persuade governments to ban the trade in all wildlife trophies and body parts.

Rula is a patron of the late Mark Shand’s Elephant charity and she spoke about the problems of Elephant poaching.

Among the guests were Daphne and Shelley Borkum who had flown in from South Africa that morning, Chris McSween, co-founder of LionAid, photographer Pattie Boyd, Col. Geoffrey Godbold, ( Vice-President of Ham Polo Club), Milan and Gina Varmuza visiting from Spain, George Adamson Trust supporters Andrew and Susann Malim and Debbie Hodges, and artist Consuelo Child-Villiers.  Also supporting the event were crime writer Daniel  Pembrey  who recently wrote a short novel inspired by the murder of the lion Cecil in Zimbabwe, Ivy Club and Ivy Restaurant supremo Fernando Piere and Christian ‘official photographer’ Derek Cattani who exhibited a selection of his photographs to support Rula and John.


Toni Nicholls, Birmingham, UK

I received my gorgeous print a couple of days ago.
I absolutely love it and can’t get it framed fast enough.
My nan recently passed away and this was her final gift to me.
So it has an extra emotional value.
Service was wonderful and the quality of the print is really good!!
A very happy customer indeed!!

Kathy McCulloch – Florida, USA

My print of Christian arrived today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thank you!  Of course, there were tears, as there always are when I go to his website, read the books about him, or watch any of the videos, over and over again.  The print is all that I expected it to be, and more.  Such a handsome, magnificent, friendly-looking lion he was, and you captured it beautifully on film.  If I could, I would purchase every print of Christian on your site!

Because Ace and John followed their hearts by purchasing this precious lion cub, and then did everything in their power to release him as safely as possible into the wild (with George Adamson’s expert assistance), so that he could live the life he was meant to live, Christian lives on in hearts all over the world.  What a powerful way to draw attention to the alarming reduction in lions and habitat, as well as other wildlife in Africa.  Those who filmed Christian throughout his journey, those who wrote about him, the website, and the photos that you have available – all are vital parts of the effort to raise awareness as to the plight of African lions, as well as so many of the other animals in the wild.  My hope is that it is not too late…

I will treasure my print of Christian.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to watch one of the videos about his life without tears, or maybe not.

Thank you for all you, Ace, John and Tony are doing to further conservation awareness and for providing a way to bring Christian into our homes!


NEW PRINT – Christian meets racing legend James Hunt

New for 2015

The photograph your wall has been waiting for.

Two true-life legends come together in this one truly spectacular photograph.
World Champion racing legend James Hunt gets ready to race the World Famous Christian the Lion, but who wins first place in your heart and home?

Click on the image to go to the store and enjoy this meeting of legends forever! James_Hunt_F1_Christian_Lio

The perfect gift for the nature lover and motor racing aficionado in your life, this photograph is one of a kind and our superb high-quality archival prints will last as long as the legends on them.

Christian meets James Hunt
can now be purchased on the Gallery Number CTL 041!
Christian meets motor racing legend James Hunt

John in Germany.

Dear Derek,
thank you for the wonderful picture. It arrived half an hour ago and it is already framed and hanging on the wall. :) Great service!

The story of Christian resonates on many levels. It is about our maltreatment of creation and good people who try to make things right. It is about unconditional love, letting go, although one knows, that it is very likely to lose for good the person/creature one loves.
I often wonder how things went for Christian, whether there are still descendants of his on this planet. But I hope that one day, when all things will be made new, I will be able to ask him personally.:)