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Shocking article – Lion Trophy Hunter.

We came across a shocking article today of a lady who takes great pleasure in shooting wild animals – including majestic lions.

It made our stomachs turn to see trophy hunting taking place in today’s world, especially in such a publicised and glorified manner.

Winchester Daily Passion Presenter Melisa Bachman sparks outrage by posing with shot lion
Warning – article contains some disturbing images.

The article comes after (and contains a link to) a petition signed by thousands to ask the South African Government to not allow her to enter and shoot in their country.
( petition to South African Government – deny Melissa Bachman entry)

Similar petitions have been successful in the past, including asking National Geographic to stop showing her television programme following her hunting.

What do you think about trophy hunting, including that of Lions?

A Lion called Christian

A Lion Called Christian
John Rendall & Derek Cattani

To raise funds for the George Adamson
Wildlife Preservation Trust a very special
event was held on World Lion Day in the
Sophisto-­Cat antique shop in Chelsea, London.
John Rendall, carer of Christian the lion and
author of the best-­selling book ‘A Lion Called
Christian’ was signing copies of the book.
Christian’s personal photographer Derek Cattani
held a wonderful exhibition of Christian in London
on the walls of the shop, this will also form part
of the permanent exhibition of his photographs.
Guests and fans were treated to a wonderful,
nostalgic afternoon in the shop hearing John’s
fond memories of his time raising Christian
with Anthony ‘Ace’ Bourke. & Derek explained the
fun of photographing a very unpredictable lion cub.

10th. August 2013


Nola Clark does it again!

Reference for this painting was with kind permission from photographer Derek Cattani

Nola Clark,  a fantastic Pastels and Charcoal artist from Australia has just finish this beautifully detailed  scratchboard ( 41 x 51 cm ) inspired by Derek’s photograph of Christian the Lion.
We are honoured that she has decided to replicate this photograph.
Her work is represented in many private and corporate collections worldwide.

She has always had a passion for painting animals and has won many awards for her art  & displayed at numerous exhibitions in Australia.
For further information please contact:

Website -

Christian inspires artists worldwide.

Christian in Pastels by Nola Clark

Reference for this was with kind permission from photographer Derek Cattani

Artist Nola Clark, a fantastic Pastels and Charcoal artist from Australia sent us this incredible piece of art she drew in pastels, inspired by Derek’s photographs of the one and only Christian the Lion. She has also drawn Christian in Charcoal.

We hope you like this fantastic image, we certainly do!

Christian inspires artists worldwide.


“A Lion Called Christian”, Oils on Canvas, 24x40in
reference for this painting was with kind permission from photographer Derek Cattani

New Zealander, Karen Neal, has always had a love of art, animals and wildlife, nature and travel.
Karen is a self-taught artist, her passion painting mostly animals (wildlife & pet portraits), but also portraits and landscapes.
She works in oils, scratchboard, pastel & graphite. She is committed to supporting animal and conservation causes through her art.

Having always loved the story of Christian and following George & Joy Adamson’s life, and latter Tony Fitzjohn… Karen was drawn to painting this beautiful lion with an incredible story told by Australians John Rendall & Ace Bourke. Christian lives on in the legacy he has left behind, symbolising human/animal relationships and also the urgency of animal conservation.

Karen’s painting of ‘Christian the Lion’ was 100% donated to the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust.
50 Limited Edition Giclee Prints are also available, with 10% of proceeds donated to GAWPT.

Christian is 10 months old here, weighing in at 160lbs and is beginning to grow his mane.

Karen accepted ‘private bids’ for the painting of Christian, in a ‘silent auction’ until 14th November 2012, by emailing

This was in conjunction with her solo exhibition at the Marlborough Yealands Gallery, High Street, Blenheim, NZ.

Christian’s Birthday is… TODAY!

Today is Christian’s Birthday!

Celebrate with us with an incredible print of this truly remarkable Lion.

A fantastic story and one well worth sharing with your friends and family.


Here’s a little movie (one of thousands on youtube!)