Kathy McCulloch – Florida, USA

My print of Christian arrived today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thank you!  Of course, there were tears, as there always are when I go to his website, read the books about him, or watch any of the videos, over and over again.  The print is all that I expected it to be, and more.  Such a handsome, magnificent, friendly-looking lion he was, and you captured it beautifully on film.  If I could, I would purchase every print of Christian on your site!

Because Ace and John followed their hearts by purchasing this precious lion cub, and then did everything in their power to release him as safely as possible into the wild (with George Adamson’s expert assistance), so that he could live the life he was meant to live, Christian lives on in hearts all over the world.  What a powerful way to draw attention to the alarming reduction in lions and habitat, as well as other wildlife in Africa.  Those who filmed Christian throughout his journey, those who wrote about him, the website, and the photos that you have available – all are vital parts of the effort to raise awareness as to the plight of African lions, as well as so many of the other animals in the wild.  My hope is that it is not too late…

I will treasure my print of Christian.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to watch one of the videos about his life without tears, or maybe not.

Thank you for all you, Ace, John and Tony are doing to further conservation awareness and for providing a way to bring Christian into our homes!