Christian The Lion (Children’s Book)

For sale: lion cubs, in Harrods department store!Imagine the surprise on shoppers’ faces when they see a pair of beautiful little lion cubs for sale in London!

“Do you hear that, little fellow?”

Ace asked the lion cub excitedly.

“You’re coming with us!”

It’s almost Christmas and as two friends search for gifts in London, they come across the most unbelievable sight – a lion for sale in the famous store, Harrods!

Unable to bear the thought of leaving the little cub in such a tiny cage,
Ace and John take him home and name him Christian.

It’s not long before the cheeky lion is getting into all sorts of mischief
and sticky situations! Whatever will they do when Christian changes from a cute and cuddly little cub into a powerful and noble beast?

A year of fun and mischief later, Christian has grown up and Ace and John must find him a new home back in his native Africa.

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